We are back and we go to comments from the participants in the main event.

Ricochet says he did not come to NXT to be the highlight reel.  Aleister Black says he walked through hell to get here, but that is just his life.  Ricochet says it is every man for himself.  They expect the best for each other.  When they win the Dusty Classic, one of them will be doing double duty.  Black says tonight is not about alliances, it is about the most important title in NXT.  Everyone else will fade to black.

Match Number One:  Adam Cole versus Matt Riddle versus Ricochet versus Aleister Black versus Velveteen Dream in a Number One Contender Match to Determine Who Faces Johnny Gargano for the Vacant NXT Men’s Championship

Cole kicks Black and punches Ricochet while Riddle goes after Dream on the floor.  Dream sends Riddle into the guardrails.  Cole pulls Ricochet to the floor and hits a forearm.  Dream gets a near fall on Black.  Dream sends Black into the corner but Black kicks Dream away and misses a double stomp.  Black with a waist lock and Dream rolls through to get Black onto his shoulders.  Black with a small package for a near fall.  Cole trips Black and pulls him to the floor.  Black with a round kick to the chest.  Dream knocks Black off the apron.  Ricochet kicks Dream and Ricochet with a handstand head scissors followed by a drop kick to send Dream to the floor.

Riddle with a gutwrench suplex to Ricochet and he holds on for two more to complete the BroTrio.  Cole with an enzuigiri to Riddle and then he kicks Riddle in the corner.  Black hits Cole from behind and Cole with a kick.  Black with a knee and Ricochet with a standing moonsault.  Cole hits Ricochet from behind and Black goes to the floor.   Cole with kicks and a neck breaker to Ricochet for a near fall.  Cole with a suplex on Ricochet for a near fall.  Cole kicks Black off the apron.  Cole with a belly-to-back suplex and he gets a near fall on Ricochet.

Dream with a shoulder to Cole from the apron.  Ricochet with a drop kick to Cole and Dream with a running knee to send Ricochet to the floor.  Dream with punches to Cole.  Dream goes to the floor and punches Cole from the floor.  Dream goes up top and hits a double sledge to Black on the apron.  Dream sends Cole to the floor and hits a double sledge onto Cole.  Dream goes up top and Riddle catches Dream and hits a German suplex.  Riddle applies the BroMission on Black but Dream breaks it up.

Dream sends Riddle to the floor.  Black with a leg sweep and flying boot to the head.  Black with a quebrada to Dream and Cole.  Black with a kick to Dream and he gets a near fall.  Black picks up Dream but Cole sends Black to the floor and hte ring steps.  Cole and Riddle are in the ring and Cole with a forearm but Riddle chops Cole.  They continue the exchange but Cole stomps on the foot.  Cole has a super kick blocked and Riddle with an ankle lock into the BroMission.  Dream breaks up the hold.  

Riddle chops Dream while Cole punches Riddle and Dream does the same.  Cole with a forearm to Riddle followed by one from Dream.  Dream with a European uppercut to Cole but Riddle chops Dream.  Dream with a super kick to Dream.  Ricochet with an enzuigiri to Dream.  Cole with a super kick to Ricochet.  Riddle with a knee to Cole.  Black and Riddle kick each other and everyone is down.  Ricochet is the first to get to his feet and he goes to the apron and turnbuckles but Cole stops Ricochet.  Cole sets for a superplex but Ricochet blocks it.  Dream comes from behind and stops Cole.  Dream goes to the turnbuckles as well.   Black and Riddle make their way over and they sets for a superduperplex on Ricochet.  Everyone is down again.

Black and Dream try to get to their feet and Black with a punch from his knees.  Dream punches Black.  They go back and forth with punches and Black gains the advantage.  Dream backs Black into the corner and Black kicks Dream away and Black with Meteora.  Black with a German suplex to Dream but Riddle with a back senton to break up the cover.  Riddle with a suplex for a near fall.  Riddle with punches and strikes to Cole.  Cole with a super kick and shoulder breaker for a near fall.  

Ricochet kicks Cole in the knee and then hits a jumping axe kick.  Ricochet gets Cole on his shoulders but Cole with a rake of the eyes followed by two super kicks.  Cole misses the Last Shot and Ricochet with a reverse rana that sends Cole to the floor.  Ricochet looks around and hits a Space Tiger Drop onto Cole.  Riddle and Dream are in the ring and Riddle with a chop and Riddle goes for a power bomb but Dream blocks it.  Riddle with a jumping knee to the head.  Riddle with the BroMission on Dream but Cole pulls the referee out of the ring.  Riddle kicks Cole.  Black with Black Mass to Riddle.  Dream with a rolling Death Valley Driver on Black.

Dream goes up top but Ricochet with a Frankensteiner that sends Dream onto Black and Cole.  Ricochet goes up top for a shooting star press on Riddle but Cole with the Last Shot and he gets the three count.

Winner:  Adam Cole

Match Number Three:  Aleister Black and Ricochet versus #DIY (Tommaso Ciampa and Johnny Gargano) in a Dusty Rhodes Classic Semifinal Match

Black and Ciampa start things off.  They lock up and go to a stalemate.  Black misses a round kick and Ciampa with a rollup.  Black with a kick and a kick to the midsection.  Black gets a near fall.  Black with a drop toe hold and Black with an arm bar.  Ricochet tags in and he works on the arm.  Ricochet with an arm bar.  CIampa with a side head lock and Ricochet escapes.  Ciampa with a boot to the head and Gargano tags in.  Gargano with a drop kick to the back of the head for a near fall.  Gargano with an Irish whip and Ricochet floats over.  Ricohet avoids Gargano and Gargano blocks the handstand head scissors but Ricochet is able to hit the handstand head scissors and drop kick.  Ricochet sets for a dive to the floor but he sees Ciampa move Gargano and he does a super hero landing.

Ricochet with a drop kick and then Black and Ricochet sit in the center of the ring.  Ciampa with a waist lock but Ricochet with an elbow.  Gargano with a slingshot spear.  Gargano with a suplex and he gets a near fall.  Gargano sends Ricochet into the turnbuckles and Ciampa tags in.  Ciampa kicks Ricochet in the corner.  Ciampa catapults Ricochet’s throat into the bottom rope and Gargano tags in.  They make a wish using Ricochet.  Gargano with a neck breaker and he gets a near fall.  Ciampa tags in and he connects with a forearm to Ricochet’s lower back.  Ciampa with a neck breaker.

Ciampa mocks Black by sitting down in front of him.  Ricochet is sent into the turnbuckles and Gargano tags in.  Gargano gets a near fall.  Gargano with a wrist lock and he puts the hand on the mat and stomps on the elbow.  Ciampa tags back in and he snap mares Ricochet and applies a reverse chin lock.  Ciampa keeps Ricochet from making the tag and Gargano tags in.  Ciampa with a boot and Gargano with an enzuigiri.  Gargano goes for the slingshot DDT but Ricochet blocks it and he punches Ciampa.  Gargano with a clothesline to Ricochet.  Ciampa tags back in.

Ciampa with a running knee for a near fall.  Gargano tags back in and Ricochet blocks a kick from Ciampa and he sends Gargano into Ciampa and Ricochet with a neck breaker on Ciampa and Ciampa gives Gargano a DDT.  Black tags in and he hits a running forearm and back elbow.  Black with a kick to the thigh and a leg sweep.  Black with a baseball slide to the head followed by a quebrada on Ciampa and Gargano.  Black gets a near fall.  Gargano avoids a suplex with a knee to the head.  Gargano avoids a leg sweep and kicks Balck in the head.  Gargano is sent to the apron.  Black with a kick when Gargano goes for a slingshot spear.  Black with a brainbuster but Ciampa breaks up the cover.  Ricochet sends Ciampa tot he floor.  Black with a back elbow to Gargano.  Ciampa tags in and hits a boot to the head.  Black wit a knee to Ciampa while Ricochet pulls Gargano to the floor.  Ricochet misses a moonsault to the floor and Gargano with a super kick.

Black goes up top and Ciampa stops Black and hits Tower of London on the apron.  Gargano with a slingshot DDT and Black kicks out.  Gargano with a La Mistica into the GargaNo Escape.  Ciampa with a Fujiwara arm bar on Ricochet.  Ricochet gets Ciampa on his shoulders and drops Ciampa onto Gargano.Gargano holds his knee and has trouble getting up.  Ciampa makes the tag and Ciampa sees Gargano down on the floor and Ciampa checks on Gargano.  Ricochet tags in.  Ricochet with forearms and Ciampa fires back but Ricochet with the advantage until Ciampa hits a forearm.  Ricochet misses a kick but Ciampa with a knee and Ricochet with a Pele kick.

Gargano tries to get back on the apron and Black tags in.  Black misses a round kick and Ciampa goes for the Fairy Tale Ending but Black with Black Mass and Ricochet goes up top for the 630 Splash and the three count.

Winners:  Ricochet and Aleister Black (advance to finals)

After the match, Black and Ricochet celebrate their victory in the ring.



Credit the booking here for WWE making sure its pair of NXT superstars were able to be presented as stars without needing to win the titles or take the pinfall directly. WWE even took it one step further after the match by allowing Ricochet and Black to stand tall after taking out the other two teams followed by Ricochet landing a 630 splash on Dash Wilder. The ending to this beautiful disaster was frantic and spectacular. Ricochet stood out brighter than the rest thanks to his insane aerial ability. Not only did he take out all four of his competitors by hitting a hurricanrana on Scott Dawson off the top rope and onto the floor, Ricochet followed it up by clearing the ring post with an insane splash onto Roode outside. The Revival caught Gable with Shatter Machine shortly after for the 1-2-3.

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Ahead of Sunday’s Triple Threat match for the Raw Tag Team Championship in which they will be one of two teams (Bobby Roode and Chad Gable the other) challenging The Revival, Ricochet and Aleister Black battled former titleholders The Bar.
The heels slowed down the match and isolated Ricochet coming out of the break, using tag team expertise and a strength advantage to wear down the smaller of their opponents.
A hot tag to Black sparked a babyface comeback, though.
A flurry of strikes softened up the heels, and the 630 senton by The One and Only earned the makeshift tandem of NXT favorites the victory.
After the match, Rusev and Shinsuke Nakamura appeared, and a four-on-two attack ensued until The Hardy Boyz made the save. The heroes stood tall to close out the segment.

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In a pre-match interview, Ricochet and Aleister Black talked about how important this opportunity was to establish them as deserving of this spot.
Their opportunity was cut short, though, after Chad Gable and Bobby Roode got involved and attacked The Revival.
This caused a disqualification that did not sit well with the NXT call-ups. Roode and Gable brawled with Black and Ricochet, with the young stars sending the former champs running.

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Backstage, Lana taunted Aleister Black and Ricochet, unimpressed by their work so far in WWE and saying they were completely ordinary.
They showed The Ravishing Russian she was wrong quickly in this match, as they survived Rusev and Shinsuke Nakamura’s best and kept rolling.
The One and Only got the hot tag to set up his team for victory before The Dutch Destroyer took the win with Black Mass to The Artist.

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Ricochet was the final NXT star to bask in the main roster spotlight Tuesday, as he squared off with Sanity’s Eric Young.
Young capitalized on a distraction from Killian Dain and Alexander Wolfe and took control of the match, grounding Ricochet and keeping him from using his high-flying move set—at least momentarily.
The One and Only rocked Young with a springboard uppercut. He followed up, wiping out Dain and Young at ringside before returning to the squared circle, delivering the 630 splash and scoring a pinfall victory.

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 HERE COMES RICOCHET?! He rolls past Lio, clobbers Lashley, Asai Moonsault, springboard missile dropkick and the heels are cleared out!

He stands tall with Finn and they call the heels in for more and we go to break!

Ricochet and Rush to start, a shoving match breaks out, Lio with a side headlock, Ricochet throws him off, side headlock of his own. Rush peppers him with body blows, shot off, drop down, ducking and dodging, drop down, springboard Frankensteiner but the One and Only lands on his feet! Catch a kick, Lio with a backflip, off the ropes, rolling, headscissors from Ricochet into a dropkick!

Lashley tags in, circling, Ricochet goes behind for a side headlock but Bob powers him up and slams him down! Drawing him back up, arm wringer, wrenches, standing wristlock, bending it into a hammerlock, back to the straight wristlock and the King of Flight rolls through for a reversal. Forearm, duck a lariat, more forearms, whip blocked and reversed, boot up in the corner, enzuigiri connects!

Rolling thunder dropkick, Lashley to the floor, Ricochet off the ropes, handspring into a backflip and he poses in the middle of the ring! Lio and Bob have a strategy meeting on the floor and Lashley returns to the ring and tags Rush in. Lio wants Balor and the One and Only obliges, tagging him in. Finn circling, collar and elbow, backed into the corner, duck a lariat, Lio backs off.

Cautious, looking for a test of strength and he tags Bob in. Kick to the midsection, smash his face into the turnbuckles, put boots to him, snap suplex gets two and he follows it up with the reverse chinlock! Grounding Finn, grinding him down, reverse STO gets two when Finn threatens to get away! Lio tags back in, choking Balor over the ropes but Finn is able to turn it around and put boots to him!

Whip across, charging chop, drawing Rush to his feet, do it again, Sling Blade connects! Shotgun dropkick, headed up top but Lashley runs interference and he takes the time to knock him off with an enzuigiri, leaving himself open for Lio to hammer his knee hard! Rush tags out, Bob throws Finn into the barricade, back inside, the cover gets two and Lashley goes back to the reverse chinlock.

Throwing Finn to the apron, Balor with a shoulder thrust, clear the apron, sunset flip blocked and Bob stomps him! Scoop and a slam, cover gets two and we go to break.

Back from commercial, Lashley grabs a top wristlock on Balor before turning it into a Cobra Clutch. Finn slips out, reaching for the tag, Bob whips him into the corner and Balor gets the boot up. Charging in, picked up, rammed into the corner to block the tag and Lashley follows with a right. Tag to Rush, front chancery, right hand, jawing and slapping, and Finn fires up for an inverted facelock elbow drop!

The way is clear, crawling, reaching… Lio stops the tag! Front chancery applied, gator roll, tag to Lashley. Up for the powerbomb, Finn powers out, double leg to the double stomp, gasping but the way is clear once again! TAGS MADE! Ricochet in hot with lariats, jumping neckbreaker, shoulder thrust, springboard dropkik and Lio falls through the ropes! Dropkick for Bob, the One and Only runs the ropes… SASUKE SPECIAL!

Lashley chases him around ringside, backflip up and over and Finn saves him with a shotgun dropkick! Back in, springboard dropkick, up top…

Finn Balor & Ricochet win by pinfall with the 630 senton from Ricochet on Lio Rush.

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