Match Number Three:  Aleister Black and Ricochet versus #DIY (Tommaso Ciampa and Johnny Gargano) in a Dusty Rhodes Classic Semifinal Match

Black and Ciampa start things off.  They lock up and go to a stalemate.  Black misses a round kick and Ciampa with a rollup.  Black with a kick and a kick to the midsection.  Black gets a near fall.  Black with a drop toe hold and Black with an arm bar.  Ricochet tags in and he works on the arm.  Ricochet with an arm bar.  CIampa with a side head lock and Ricochet escapes.  Ciampa with a boot to the head and Gargano tags in.  Gargano with a drop kick to the back of the head for a near fall.  Gargano with an Irish whip and Ricochet floats over.  Ricohet avoids Gargano and Gargano blocks the handstand head scissors but Ricochet is able to hit the handstand head scissors and drop kick.  Ricochet sets for a dive to the floor but he sees Ciampa move Gargano and he does a super hero landing.

Ricochet with a drop kick and then Black and Ricochet sit in the center of the ring.  Ciampa with a waist lock but Ricochet with an elbow.  Gargano with a slingshot spear.  Gargano with a suplex and he gets a near fall.  Gargano sends Ricochet into the turnbuckles and Ciampa tags in.  Ciampa kicks Ricochet in the corner.  Ciampa catapults Ricochet’s throat into the bottom rope and Gargano tags in.  They make a wish using Ricochet.  Gargano with a neck breaker and he gets a near fall.  Ciampa tags in and he connects with a forearm to Ricochet’s lower back.  Ciampa with a neck breaker.

Ciampa mocks Black by sitting down in front of him.  Ricochet is sent into the turnbuckles and Gargano tags in.  Gargano gets a near fall.  Gargano with a wrist lock and he puts the hand on the mat and stomps on the elbow.  Ciampa tags back in and he snap mares Ricochet and applies a reverse chin lock.  Ciampa keeps Ricochet from making the tag and Gargano tags in.  Ciampa with a boot and Gargano with an enzuigiri.  Gargano goes for the slingshot DDT but Ricochet blocks it and he punches Ciampa.  Gargano with a clothesline to Ricochet.  Ciampa tags back in.

Ciampa with a running knee for a near fall.  Gargano tags back in and Ricochet blocks a kick from Ciampa and he sends Gargano into Ciampa and Ricochet with a neck breaker on Ciampa and Ciampa gives Gargano a DDT.  Black tags in and he hits a running forearm and back elbow.  Black with a kick to the thigh and a leg sweep.  Black with a baseball slide to the head followed by a quebrada on Ciampa and Gargano.  Black gets a near fall.  Gargano avoids a suplex with a knee to the head.  Gargano avoids a leg sweep and kicks Balck in the head.  Gargano is sent to the apron.  Black with a kick when Gargano goes for a slingshot spear.  Black with a brainbuster but Ciampa breaks up the cover.  Ricochet sends Ciampa tot he floor.  Black with a back elbow to Gargano.  Ciampa tags in and hits a boot to the head.  Black wit a knee to Ciampa while Ricochet pulls Gargano to the floor.  Ricochet misses a moonsault to the floor and Gargano with a super kick.

Black goes up top and Ciampa stops Black and hits Tower of London on the apron.  Gargano with a slingshot DDT and Black kicks out.  Gargano with a La Mistica into the GargaNo Escape.  Ciampa with a Fujiwara arm bar on Ricochet.  Ricochet gets Ciampa on his shoulders and drops Ciampa onto Gargano.Gargano holds his knee and has trouble getting up.  Ciampa makes the tag and Ciampa sees Gargano down on the floor and Ciampa checks on Gargano.  Ricochet tags in.  Ricochet with forearms and Ciampa fires back but Ricochet with the advantage until Ciampa hits a forearm.  Ricochet misses a kick but Ciampa with a knee and Ricochet with a Pele kick.

Gargano tries to get back on the apron and Black tags in.  Black misses a round kick and Ciampa goes for the Fairy Tale Ending but Black with Black Mass and Ricochet goes up top for the 630 Splash and the three count.

Winners:  Ricochet and Aleister Black (advance to finals)

After the match, Black and Ricochet celebrate their victory in the ring.



Who is Ricochet
Real Name: Trevor Mann Ring Name: Ricochet Debut:October 11, 2003 Born:Paducah,Kentucky Birthday:October 11, 1988 Mini Bio: Trevor Mann better known by his ring name Ricochet, is an American professional wrestler, currently signed to WWE, where he performs on its NXT brand. Mann is known for his work in New Japan Pro-Wrestling (NJPW), where he is a former three-time IWGP Junior Heavyweight Tag Team Champion and a three-time NEVER Openweight 6-Man Tag Team Champion and the winner of the 2014 Best of the Super Juniors and 2015 Super Jr. Tag Tournaments. In the past, he has worked for the Japanese Dragon Gate promotion and its American branch Dragon Gate USA, where he is a former Open the Freedom Gate, Open the Dream Gate, Open the Brave Gate, Open the Twin Gate, Open the Triangle Gate and Open the United Gate champion. He also wrestled as Prince Puma for Lucha Underground, where he was the inaugural and first ever two-time Lucha Underground Champion. From 2010 to 2018, Mann wrestled for Pro Wrestling Guerrilla (PWG), where he is a former World Champion, and a two time Battle of Los Angeles (BOLA) winner, winning the 2014 and 2017 tournaments. Mann also worked for the Philadelphia, Pennsylvania–based Chikara promotion, working under a mask as Helios. After signing with WWE in 2018, Ricochet beat Fabian Aichner in his debut match for NXT and later competed at NXT TakeOver: New Orleans for the NXT North American Championship, a title he would eventually win four months later at NXT TakeOver: Brooklyn IV.
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